Learning Strategies in Play during Basic Training for
Medal of Honor and Call of Duty Video Games



This study, based on experiential play methodology was used to explore student engagement while playing Medal of Honor (2002) and Call of Duty (2003). It identifies some of the key issues related to the use of video games and simulations during the training phase of game play. Research into the effects of gaming in education has been extremely widely varied and limited in terms of the methodological rigor incorporated. An Experiential Mode Framework (EMF), a newly designed micro-analysis methodology of student engagement during game play (Appelman 2005 & 2007b), was used for data collection and analysis. This study sought to determine if there is a consistent pattern between the manner in which a Novice and Expert player engage with a particular game. This was accomplished through observation at a micro level while players learned, strategized, and performed as they entered into new gaming environments.  The results of this study are limited.  However, the data analysis conducted here demonstrates the player’s ability to problem solve through difficult obstacles using navigational strategies in virtual spaces. It also reveals distinct player abilities to manipulate alternatives or information within the game. Medal of Honor and Call of Duty training components provided explicit instructions needed to play the game. Although results were skewed by time constraints and convenient sampling, it was found that while the game instructions were redundant, some players did not necessarily attend to spoken or written instructions which were critical components of the training session and often crucial for successful completion of milestones (objectives). This book is available at Barnes & Noble.




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Written by Yadi Ziaeehezarjeribi   
Sunday, 11 November 2012

Impact of Games and Simulations in Instruction

Instructional Systems Technology

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This firefighting simulation allows you to survey a forest fire and decide where the trenches and firebreaks should go.




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