GDC Play showcase
Written by Yadi Ziaee   
Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The 2012 Game Developers Conference is less than one week away

Don't miss the first-ever GDC Play showcase, taking place March 6-8 during GDC12. GDC Play is located in the GDC Ballroom, South Hall Moscone, and is open to all pass holders.

Discover New Games, GDC Play showcase, taking place

March 6-8, for more information, please check out the Official

DGC2012 Website.


GDC Play exhibitors include experimental game projects, established indie game teams, contract development help, and much more, giving the showcase a unique variety of content. A sample of this year’s exhibitors:


  • BitFlip Games
  • City of Steam
  • Current Circus
  • Defiant Development
  • Hibernum Creations
  • Lokisplanet Inc.
  • LunarG
  • Mojocat Games
  • Monochrome LLC
  • Pantera Entertainment
  • SampleSumo
  • Simple Machine
  • Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab
  • Techtonic Games, Inc.
  • The Binary Mill
  • Trickstar Games
  • Universally Speaking
  • XGen Studios


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